Why Should You Use a Dedicated Server?

  • As a non shared server, a dedicated server is usually a physical server for sale or for rent by a hosting provider.
  • Dedicated hosting is a relatively expensive hosting service.
  • Businesses and individuals prefer using a dedicated server according  to their business needs.

Although numerous businesses are operating with a shared hosting service type, which means a single’s server resources distributed by multiple websites, some large enterprises opt-in for a dedicated server.

Dedicated servers provide many advantages. For instance, if you are looking for a high level of data security or if you want an easy way to scale your server, a dedicated server  is what you might be looking for.

A company that is seeking more power and control will also choose a dedicated server.

The web hosting provider will make sure to provide the clients — small or big enterprises — or even individuals, what they require according to their needs.

Business needs may vary so that at some point a client may need more CPU, RAM, disk space, etc

Main Benefits of a dedicated server

  • Unique IP (Dedicated IP)
  • Server resources
  • Server Performance
  • Security
  • Scalability
  • Customizability (flexibility & Control)

Unique IP (Dedicated IP)

Contrary to shared hosting, which is sharing the main IP address with several websites on the server, a dedicated hosting provides a unique IP to each server a client may use.

One of the bad things with a shared hosting, is that the action of one particular website, that shares the same IP address, may reflect badly on the other website’s reputation.

It may also influence your server security and the search engine ranking of the main domain attached to the server as well.

Server Resources

Using a dedicated server gives you a certain autonomy. It’s  pointless to worry about the activity of other websites limiting your bandwidth usage, which may possibly affect your websites speed.

It also allows you to choose the type of applications or programs to run on the server for security and performance purposes.

Server Performance

Dedicated hosting was designed to allow website administrators to optimize their servers for efficient performance.

This refers to full system customization that allows applying as many changes as possible to get the best out of the applications using on the server.


Unlike shared hosting or even VPS, dedicated servers offer great resources to secure your server. It provides high level of security against malwares and adwares.

Also, their enhance security helps to protect sensitive data, such as personal info, credit card info, etc.


As a business owner, your website may grow; therefore, may require more capacity, you will definitely have to increase your disk space and resources.

With your dedicated server, it is extremely easy to get additional space, which suppresses the need to migrate to a new server or provider.

Customizability (Flexibility & Control)

Since you have basically a complete control of your server administration, this allows you to protect your servers from  fraudulent activities, usually performed by system admins or webmasters.

It is also possible for users to have virtually full control over all aspects of their websites.

Clients will have the advantage of  their server configuration in terms of disk space, RAM, CPU, applications, etc.


Although dedicated server is a relatively expensive hosting service, anyone can use it according  to a business need standpoint.

Keep in mind that a it is the only type of hosting service that is able to provide a high level of control over key aspects of managing a website, which could be an online shop, a web based application, etc.

You can have full control over the allocation of server resources, server configuration, and the security control of the website.

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